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Subject: [Fwd: ebXML Requirements Status and Solicitation]

Here is an update from the Requirements committee.  I have forwarded our
information on to Mike Rawlins.  The "outstanding" status has since been

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  I did.  Now to get through the
new year.  

My biggest Y2K fear may be realized - hordes of unemployed COBOL
programmers seeking work come Jan 3.


Duane Nickull 
| http://www.xmlglobal.com  /* Corporate site */    |
| http://www.goxml.com     /* XML Search engine */  |
| http://www.cartnetwork.com /* XML E-commerce */   |
|   "Really Cool XML Solutions - available today!"  |

After getting off to a slower start than our ambitious plan anticipated,
the ebXML Requirements project team decided to push back the scheduled
completion of the ebXML requirements specification.  However, we still
definitely plan on having a document ready for review and approval by
the entire work group for the January meeting.

Our work plan for gathering requirements is divided into two main
efforts.  The first is gathering high level requirements within the
team.  The second is gathering detailed requirements from the other
project teams.  If you have not already sent us a one page overview of
your detailed requirements or have an equivalent clearly posted on your
project team web page, please send me a one page synopsis of the
detailed requirements related to your team's work.  Please try to get it
to me by January 4 so that it can be included in our first team draft.
Please copy Tom Warner, the team secretary, at thomas.warner@boeing.com,
and Mark Crawford, the team editor, at mcrawfor@mail.lmi.org.  If for
whatever reason you will not be able to send us something by 1/4/2000,
please let us know.

Here is the status by team:

Business Process Methodology - Synopsis received
Technical Architecture - outstanding
Core Components - Posted on web page
Transport/Routing and Packaging - Posted on web page
Registry and Repository - outstanding
Technical Coordination and Support - outstanding
Marketing, Awareness and Education - outstanding


Mike Rawlins
ebXML Requirements Team Project Leader

Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EDI Consulting

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