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Subject: REVISED ebXML Architecture - Conference Call

In an effort to include EVERYONE!  I have changed the date and time of the
conference call as follows:

     Date:     January 20, 2000
     Time:     17:00 G.M.T - 19:00 G.M.T.
                                (12:00 a.m. eastern std. time - 2:00 p.m. est)
     Phone Number:  313-556-5041

Please send participation regrets to the list serve by Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2000.
If the majority have a conflict with this date, we will revert back to the 19th.
The draft agenda that I put forward on  Thursday,  Jan. 13, 2000 will also
FINALIZE the date, so please review it carefully.

I again apologize if one thinks that I have over stepped by bounds.


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