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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Mission Statement

Here's my shot at a mission statement:

*	Draw upon XML and EDI community expertise to define an efficient and
flexible Technical Architecture that satisfies stated ebXML Business
Requirements. This document must be available in time to provide guidance to
other ebXML teams whose missions are to define the detailed specifications
for component subsystems of the overall architecture.

*	Establish principles for the use of the ebXML architecture as may be
necessary to achieve interoperability of disparate application systems.

*	Work with other ebXML teams and XML/EDI experts to produce a proof
of concept working model of the ebXML system, and document that model as an
aid to implementors of production systems

In my rendering of the mission statement I've included a time constraint
only on the first deliverable, and have indicated that we may draw on
expertise outside the
team in completing the work.  The work itself is pretty much as Duane
included in the on-line statement.


  Bob Miller

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