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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: ebXML Architecture Conference Call Reminder

Date: Thursday, January 20, 2000
Time: 1700GMT-1900GMT
		12Noon-2pm EST

Phone: 313-556-5-41


*	Appointment of recording secretary for this meeting
*	Announcement of Attendees
*	Motion to approve agenda
*	Administrative Items
*	Participation responsibilities of team members
*	Status of permanent web site and list servers
*	Approval of Project Scope, Project Mission, and Project Deliverables
*	Liaisons
*	Liaison Reports
*	ebXML Requirements
*	Core Components
*	Transport, Routing and Packaging
*	Registry and Repository
*	Messaging and Packaging
*	Sales, Education, and Marketing
*	Technical Support
*	Business Process Methodology
*	External Organizations
*	Assignments of individuals to unfulfilled liaison posts
*	Discussion of submitted work items (as posted on the team web site)
*	Individual/Sub-team work assignments
		- Preparation of brief presentations on documents for
Orlando Meeting
		- Preparation of draft text on Techncial Architecture work
*	New Business
*	Schedule for next meeting (Orlando)
*	Adjournment

  Bob Miller

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