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Subject: Technical Architecture Group Minutes for 01 Feb 2000

Minutes for ebXML Technical Architecture group
Date: 01 February 2000

Karl Best, Enigma, KarlB@enigma.com
Toufic Boubez, IBM, boubez@us.ibm.com
Kerstien Celis, EAN International, kerstien@ean.be
Scott Colthurst, State Farm, scott.colthurst.cdlu@statefarm.com
Charles Fenton, Sterling Commerce, chuck_fenton@stercomm.com
Anders Grangard, Edifrance, anders.grangard@edifrance.org
Scott Hinkelman, IBM, srh@us.ibm.com
Peter Kacandes, Sun, peter.kacandes@sun.com
Piming Kuo, Worldspan, piming.kuo@worldspan.com
Leslie Lundquist, CommerceNet , leslie@commerce.net
Melanie McCarthy, GM, Melanie.McCarthy@gm.com
Bob Miller, GEIS, robert.miller@geiis.ge.com
Duane Nickull, XML Global, duane@xmlglobal.com
Nikola Stojanovic, CJDS, nstojano@cjds.com
James Tauber, Bowstreet, jtauber@bowstreet.com

[Note: It was agreed that the minutes would be high-level minutes, since
the minutes-taker also needed to participate in the discussion.]

Introductions of the team members around the table.
Quick overview of status and past activities. OASIS private website is now
available. Duane Nickull will transfer current information to the OASIS
Agenda was approved.
Minutes of last conference call were approved.
Since we have several new members, it was decided to proceed with elections
 for the positions of chair and editor for the group.
Anders Grangard as chair, Bob Miller as vice-chair.
Duane Nickull as editor.

We had a quick overview of the current design document presented by D.
The discussion then turned to the charter of the group. One of the major
issues was the perceived overlap with the various other groups, especially
the Technical Coordination group. It was finally decided that we should
define our role first. It was also decided that the group representative
will bring up the issue to the steering committee.

Some more documents were presented:
www.walkaboutwebs.com/ebxml/architectural_design.html (this document will
be available soon on the private ebxml website)
www.bizcodes.org/eDTD/xml_eDTDWP.htm (this document was declared to be not
too relevant to the discussio, but noted anyway).

There were questions about subscribing to the list server. It was agreed
that everybody on the group should subscribe. Since we are not sure that
the form on the ebxml site is functioning properly, here are the
instructions for direct subscription to the list.
Send email to: majordomo@lists.oasis-open.org
In the body of the message include the following lines:

subscribe ebxml-architecture
subscribe [any other list you want]

Discussed liaisons with other groups, and external liaisons.
Liaison with other groups will:
1. provide a minimum of monthly reports on activites, more as needed.
2. subscribe to the list server of their liaison group.
3. inform the chair of their liaison group.

Adjourn for lunch, Anders to go to the steering committee meeting.

Presentation (with Q&A session) on eCo framework by Bob Glushko.
Results from Anders' meeting:
1. we need to decide on the key issues for our group.
2. we need to provide a list of deliverables, with milestones and dates.
3. optionally, any message for the maketing group.
4. by the end of day, our version and vision of "What is ebXML".
5. after each day, a brief summary of what was accomplished during the
day's meeting
6. the Requirements group has been invited to meet with the T.A. group.

Continued with the angenda. The following liaison persons were appointed:
[Apologies for missing this part - I can't seem to find the paper on which
I documented the results.
Would the various liaisons please get in touch with me so I can update this

ebXML Requirements
Business Process Methodology
Core Components
Transport/Routing and Packaging
Registry and Repository
Technical Coordination & Support
Marketing, Awareness & Education

As external liaison, it was decided to investigate the W3C and the ANSI X9D
Cross-team meetings: decided that each group liaison will coordinate the
meeting with their appropriate group.

New business:

L. Lundquist brought up the issue of risk management. This issue was
brought up to her by a ebXML participant.
During the eCo discussion, C. Fenton mentioned that IBM had just announced
tpaML. T. Boubez offered to invite a representative from the tpaML group
for a presentation. (S. Hinkerlman pointed out that the tpaML annoucement
and documentation can be found on the OASIS website).

Both new business topics were tabled for future discussion.

Long and interesting discussion on "What is ebXML". The discussion involved
 everything from "what is architecture" to "can we get semantics out of
XML", among other topics. The final result will be contained in another

Adjourned for the day.

  --  Toufic

Toufic I. Boubez, Ph.D.
Technologist, Emerging Technologies, XML and Java Strategy
boubez@us.ibm.com - office: (919) 254-2195 TL 444-2195 - pager: (888)

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