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Subject: Re: Initial Draft of 'beginningtodefine' in Word/PDF

Message text written by INTERNET:Erik_J_Leckner@Seagate.COM


After reading this draft and seeing a set of components (gateway servers,
defined for an architecture which is yet to be defined, I propose that a
Reference Model for the Electronic Business XML Architectural Task Force
first be introduced.



This is a good overview - but what I suspect is that the REAL solution is
a BLEND of all these approaches - so I would therefore like to introduce
concept of LEVELS.  This also applies to IBM's tpaML.  Its hideously
in some regards - like its obvious parentage to CORBA....

However the solution appears to be to define Levels of use.

Therefore a Level 1 use would be expected to provide only the very basic
minimum compliance - and therefore a set of behaviours that can be

And so on up to Level 5 where one would expect the full suite of

This also means that developers can implement just to the level that meets 
thier business needs - this really is the key to understanding the blending

Thanks, DW.

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