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Subject: core components web space

Dear all

I have worked on our web site and have some pages which require information
from the Orlando meeting. As soon as I have this information from Lisa I
will post it on the site.

The URL is http://www.ebxml.org/working/project_teams/core_components/

Comments welcome
James Whittle

e centreuk
10 Maltravers Street, LONDON, WC2R 3BX.
>Tel: 44 (0) 171 655 9022
Fax: 44 (0) 171 681 2278
www.e-centre.org.uk <http://www.e-centre.org.uk> 
james.whittle@e-centre.org.uk <mailto:james.whittle@e-centre.org.uk> 

Best business practice in a digital age.

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