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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Tr: ConfCall Agenda

Dear All,

 Below you will find the draft agenda for the Conference Call on Monday. I
have not received many inputs so it is basically the same as the last one. I
indicated the starting time at 9 pm GMT, but I have not yet received
confirmation that the changed time is OK.

 I have also attached a ppt file with two pictures. The first is an attempt
to describe the ebXML vision as simple as possible and the second is a
proposal from TMWG on changes to the architecture picture.

 Date: Monday, March 6, 2000
Time: 9 pm GMT -10.15pm GMT

North American Participation Phone No.: 1 -888-252-8651
International Participation No.: 630-424-8581
Passcode:  5258933#

In case of operator assistance:
Host:  Melanie McCarthy
Subject:  ebXML

Please pull and read the TechArch pages on the ebXML web site prior to the


1 Appointment of recording secretary for this meeting
2 Announcement of Attendees
3 Motion to approve agenda
4 Administrative Items
5 Status of permanent web site and list servers
6 Participation responsibilities of team members
7 Liaison Reports
8 ebXML Requirements
9 Core Components
10 Transport, Routing and Packaging
11 Registry and Repository
12 Sales, Education, and Marketing
13 Technical Support
14 Business Process
15 External Organizations
16 Assignments of individuals to unfulfilled liaison posts
17 Discussion of submitted work items (as posted on the team web site)
18 Individual/Sub-team work assignments
19 Preparation of brief presentations on documents for the Brussels Meeting
20 Preparation of draft text on Technical Architecture work items
21 New Business
22 Schedule for next meeting (Brussels)
23 Adjournment

Kind regards

Anders Grangard
Ingénieur - Consultant en Commerce électronique
Tel: +33 (0)1 42 91 62 24


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