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ebxml-architecture message

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Message text written by INTERNET:selvakumar@in.ibm.com
Though, there's a lot that has to be done before an implementable model and
schema could be arrived, an immediate working model would help ebXML catch
on with SMEs.

If anything like BizTalk could be provided by ebXML, even if it's going to
be a very rudimentary one, it'll help a lot of developers who are now
groping with B2B issues.

Or , is it too early to articulate these issues ?


Selva - what can I say?  Definately not!  Clearly I'm raising these issues
and I think the formation of a ebXML Technical WG would go a long way 
toward achieving what you desire.  I certainly think that by Brussels we
be sufficiently far down the design path to start putting flesh on the
and firming up technically what ebXML will look like.

BTW - notice that BizTalk maybe not the exact model we want to follow <g>.
In fairness - we've all learnt a tremendous amount over the last six months

and I believe we have the elements to jump start and step up from early 


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