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ebxml-architecture message

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Message text written by Rob Weltman

  The starting point for this particular thread was that it is not worth
defining ebXML messages using XML Schema (at this time) because there are
no tools (among other reasons), while there are tools for defining and
using DTDs. It may well be (for other reasons, primarily the changing
definition of XML Schema) that it it not appropriate to use XML Schema for
ebXML definitions now. I was just pointing out that the tools are in the
process of being developed (and initial implementations are available).
Also, XML Schema is a lot easier to process (besides being richer) than DTD
because it's XML itself, so you can leverage your existing tools for
parsing and processing XML.


Ok - at last we agree on something!  Care should be exercised in that
"XML Schema is a lot easier to process" - don;t ever tell me you are making

it easier for the machine as a business justification.... and tougher for
the human <g>.

Anyway - I think we're done with all this bit of bandwidth.  The point was
that there
are some techies out there creating things that people can review - and

I'll stop now scoring too many cheap points off the fact that the
may or may not meet my lofty demands <g>.

I think we need to get back on track to the ebXML issues here.

Thanks, DW.

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