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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: what is core and what is architecture (was: languages and tags)

Hello Matti,

<matti about="values from the complete Trade Data Dictionary">
> Component people and Architecture and Transport etc do not 
> need those. 

Yes but having three kind of naming shemes in one standard is very
confusing. Wrapping coded messages in clear speaking envelopes for
managing (architecture) and routing (transport) is not very usefull,
especially if you consider that important details of the message are
covered in core (an example for this is the BGM, REF and NAD segments in
EDIFACT, which do not belong to the system framework but is very often
required to handle the message).

So the question is if you want to extract those document references into
the architecture level, and if yes... how many dictionary entries you
will allow?


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