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Subject: RE: efficient XML (!= recursion)

I know for an absolute fact that building a parser using freely available 
libraries is very simple, and does not even require a graduate student (the 
graduate student would slow down the process, in my experience ;p).

Using Expat (or XML::Parser, built on Expat), a competent programmer can 
write a parser for all but the most gruelling XML in a day.  I wrote a 
parser for my personal online picture database in 1 hour 
(http://www.mattmackenzie.com/) using XML::Parser.  If I am wrong, you are 
suggesting that I am some sort of prodigy, and I can accept that :) , but I 
doubt it is the case.

Bottom line: building a parser is trivial.

At 04:56 PM 3/13/00 -0500, David RR Webber wrote:
>Message text written by "Eckenfels. Bernd"
> >Requiring to build your own Parser (like one which will supports
>BizCodes) is too much work already.<
> >>>>>>>>>>
>You keep making this assertion!  I'm not seeing the same thing - I
>realize the issues however - we'll just agree to differ at this point.
>I believe once the W3C have the XLink recommendation done -
>and people have implementations available - is the right point
>to visit on this again.
>I'm betting obviously that this will be easy to do.
>Thanks. DW.


Matthew MacKenzie
XML Global Technologies, Inc.

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