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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: OMG and EbXML

Note on OMG and the interest being generated;

* There is interest in aligning the Enterprise "Distributed Object Computing
(EDOC) UML profile with the EbXML "process model" and associated document
model.  Some participants in this group will be coming to the next meeting.

* There is also interest in using XMI as the structure for EbXml document
instances.  Since there is a mapping from UML to XML specified in XMI, note
that this looks quite different from (simpler than) an XMI representation of
a UML diagram.

* There has been an EAI RFP issued by OMG, there is interest in integration
with the EbXML architecture.

* There is also general interest in the Electronic Commerce task force,
business objects task force and financial task force.

* The ORBOS task force is interested in having IIOP as a supported EbXML
protocol - expect representation.

Cory Casanave

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