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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Comments on 0.4 document

1.  Under Special considerations (page 6) I would like to suggest that we add
"A single solution to support global cross-industry harmization utilizing XML

2.  ebXML Architecture (page 9), revise the first item to read " Providing a
view for integration of business processes with or among business partners,
regardless of size, by electonic means."

3.  ebXML Architecture (page 9), remove statement "Integrating with and legacy
systems throughout the enterprise".  I believe this is beyond ebXML's scope.

4.   ebXML Architecture (page 11),  I don't know what X3.285 information is,
please clarify

 5.  ebXML Architecture (added page),  I think that we should include
definitions for Business Process and Transport.

6.  ebXML Repository Search Requirements(page 18),  in the diagram a box is
identified as XQI API,  I think we need words to define what that is

7.  ebXML Repositories (Page 19)  the title should be changed,  a potential
alternative "Repositories that are ebXML compliant".

8.  (page 19 - continued)  bullet 2,  please remove the words 'top level',  I
think any level organization can potentially maintain the repository.

 9.  (page 19 - continued)  bullet 4,  please change the word 'can' to 'may need

Unfortunately, that is as far as I have gotten,

Melanie McCarthy
General Motors Corporation

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