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Subject: Architecture V0.4 Comments

Slide 26: In <routing ... 'verion' should be 'version'
Slide 25 et al: Where is reference to DTD that defines <ebXML structure?
Slide 27 In <process ... what purpose is served by type? by version? by
	I believe that 'location' dictates the metadata associated with the
located object, including among other attributes type, version, and owner
Slide 27 In <process ... no direction is provided on the means by which any
security information required to retrieve the process object from the
repository might be supplied.
Slide 36 'cbXML' should be 'ebXML' (bottom box)

I am concerned that the 'message' slides provide detail that is 1) not
defined by the responsible ebXML work group and is 2) technically deficient
with respect to DTD reference.  IMO, we should avoid showing any physical
XML syntax in this document.  It may well be appropriate to provide a
logical breakdown of the component structure of a message.  


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