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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Re: Concern regarding PHASES

I donot see any reason for large enterprises to lag behind in using ebXML.
Infact our ebXML efforts should concentrate on both large enterprises and small
enterprises. I think ebxml architecture and other ebxml efforts does cover large
enterpises (Like Enterprise systems, Integration Systems, Messaging Systems
etc. as per the current drafts/deliverables).

ebXML initiative  (ebXML Awareness Team and all of us) should also take
responsibility in educating large and small enterprises about the potential of
ebXML efforts.  If the large enterprises lag then I would say it is the failure
of ebxml efforts.

 Infact, large enterprises (Respective industries) will be driving the XML
semantic  grammars and the large enterprises  should use the ebxml initiative as
 a framework  inorder to make  ecommerce pervasive. i.e large enterprises should
use Syntax-Neutral Definition of Business Semantics and leverage ebxml efforts.

ebXML efforts should  provide  a path to standard ebxml  (XML/EDI) applications
development with high return on investment and speed up the implementations.

Also, the future is that the smaller alliances within industries will
collaborate and they need to use ebXML efforts in defining  ebXML  applications
that incorporate the  vocabulary/building-block-level approach and provide the
broadest coverage of their information requirements.  We need to remember that
the leadership definitely will not necessarily come from the traditional IT

 And ebxml should play a role of catalyst in bringing the upcoming smaller
alliances within industries,  traditional IT giants, systems Integrators,
innovative dot coms etc.  on one table to make ecommerce pervasive.

PS: Apologies for posting this message to different ebxml groups.

melanie.mccarthy@gm.com on 03/14/2000 07:47:20 AM
To:   ebXML-Architecture@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject:  Concern regarding PHASES

There was a comment made during yesterday's conference call that that keeps
ringing within me that I feel obligated to comment on.  It was that during Phase
1 we should keep our scope small and focus on the requirements of Business to
Business (B2B).  I don't have a problem with that as long as  an architecture
for a  large enterprise is also completed within the 18 month ebXML deliverable
horizon.  Certainly there are many large enterprises also anxiously waiting for
the recommendations that are be promised by ebXML, and I certainly hope that we
all agree that they too are within our target audience.


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