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Subject: VS: Technical Archecture Topic

I agree with this and it is the primery advantage of XML and hopeful even
Matti Vasara
> -----Alkuperäinen viesti-----
> Lähettäjä:	Peter D. Pruyne [SMTP:pdp@mcs.net]
> Lähetetty:	15. maaliskuuta 2000 22:22
> Vastaanottaja:	ebXML-Architecture@lists.oasis-open.org
> Aihe:	Technical Archecture Topic
> One of the primary technical advantages that XML offers, over  today's
> EDI, is modularity. 
> EDI technology includes a variety of discrete elements:  mapping 
> support, management system, trading partner profiles, message 
> validation, etc.  Each of these message processing elements are  custom
> designed and coded by the various translator vendors.   There is little to
> no option to select the best components from each  vendor, in order to
> construct the optimum solution for the users  purpose. 
> In contrast, in the XML world we have DTDs, XSL, schemas,  message syntax,
> etc., specifying standard interfaces for each  aspect of the message
> processing flows.  This approach will result  in a broader and technically
> more robust, range of technology  options in the marketplace. 
> Furthermore, one could predict a set of usage profiles ranging from  the
> low end consumer market with casual interactions, a range of  SME's, large
> organizations, and ultimately trading community  automation. Associated
> with each of these usage profiles, one  could profile technology
> requirements for each of the aspects of  message handling/processing
> components. 
> This is a critical deliverable from ebXML, and it seems that work  should
> be occurring in both the requirements and technical  architecture project
> teams. 

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