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Subject: Liaison Report - Business Process

In an attempt to help us prepare and expedite the liaison portion of the
conference call, the following points will be raised concerning the current
status of the Business Process Project Team.  (hopefully, this will allow for
more time for discussion on the current technical architecture draft document):

1.   A Meta-model Development Plan is being established in preparation for an
April 3-5, 2000 Workshop in Seattle, WA.   Possibly, Corey C. will be attending!
2.   The first meta-model being described and developed is a business process
used to explain the process of registration into the repository as well
something used by registrants to register their old model in some type of a
3.   The group is slightly concerned about their scope and wonder if it is
possibly that work is being overlapped with other project teams. They view their
closest working relationships with the Core Components and the Registry &
Repository Group Project Teams.
4.   The OAG Vendor Challenge is being discussed as an example of something that
could eventually be compared to the meta-model created by the project teams.



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