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Subject: Re: W3C and XInclude

Message text written by "Michael Champion"
I *believe* that the XLink working group  believed that XInclude is so
important that it should be in the Core XML spec. 

The way one proposes
things like that in the W3C is to produce a W3C Note, which they did. So if
all goes well, XInclude would be in XML 1.1 and universally supported... so
it's an attempt to unify rather than fragment the XML world.

My humble apologies if I'm misunderstanding something here.


Michael,  you're statement here just reinforces my assertion!!!

Therefore - it seems to me we can quickly take the information in
the eDTD whitepaper and Martins Sytnax Neutral work and create:


as both W3C Notes and ebXML technical drafts and submit them.  
If we all pick one of these each - many hands will make light work - 
and we can have these ready in a couple of weeks.

The eDTD working draft is available from:


I'll pick Xmasks to get things rolling here, please post which item
you would like to be editor for as well.   Notice this does not need to
be elaborate, just getting a base start point document up and 
running will suffice right now with the Objectives statement done.

Thanks, DW.

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