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Subject: RE: Questions from Brussels

<SNIP>The global search mechanism is still undefined. How will such a global
search work? How will users find particular schemas to search upon? How will
the perform common core searches?</SNIP>

This is the wrong approach to a search.  You don;t (and won't )  always know
what the schemas are you want to search through.  Also, in the case where
you want to search through more than one schema,  this is a cumbersome and
heavyweight solution for XML Searching.

The correct way is to provide a mechanism for relating the contexts to the
search keys and provide the user with that interface.  GoXML  can do that.
It is easy to set a rule which defines the user interface becuase it is
decoupled from the system architecture.  Do not even consider the other

How will items in repositories be updated when changes are made? What is the
change mechanism? </SNIP>

The change mechanism isn't really as important as the mechanism to tell a
cache when it needs to revisit that object.  There must be an element to
tell the chache that you have got to go and grab this again becuase it may
have changed.

Should we not have more UML designs in our document? Should these not form
the basis of our architecture? If so, we should have them now. Perhaps we
should also follow the Rational Method, as several other groups are doing.
This is a good point but at this point,  we have only one document and we
cannot change it substantially.  Maybe for the future.  There are several
process flows which need to be documented.  I think that the technical
coordination team is doing this.

Maybe check with David Webber or Toufic.



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