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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Re: ebXML Representtion of Metadata

Message text written by "Martin Bryan"
Note: If the requirement to use UML is dropped then RDF might be considered
as an alternative representation, but this seems unlikely to happen
according to present drafts of the ebXML specifications.

Martin, I concur on this.

In any case the repository should be defined to be extensible, so once you
established the requirement for a link, that link itself can have all kinds
OPTIONAL extensions.   This gives you a light weight base, and is not
yourself in.

My major concern is simplicity.   When I add something
to a repository I don;t want to have to check / answer tons of questions I
no idea to the what or the why for are!?

If someone else has a major angst for this information - they can use their
lifetime to populate it!

Getting the business job done should be the priority and making the on-ramp
for SME's as low as practical.


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