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Subject: RE: Announcement from Technical Architecture

Message text written by INTERNET:dfrankel@gendev.com
>Deriving an XML syntax from a UML model in a consistent manner
means you *don't* repeat the modeling process; rather, you use the superior
modeling medium to model the domain and then generate the XML syntax
according to a well-defined pattern.

David S. Frankel<


Once upon a time we talked about reversable process.

I'd still like to be able to do that - i.e. import my DTD (aka schema) 
into a UML tool and have it then make those components available.
Then I can do interesting UML things on top to enhance the documentation.

I've used Visio Professional like this against SQL tables, and this just
seems such a natural win-win.

Never under estimate the power of simple!   Not everyone wants to 
start the process in a UML tool - nor should they need too.


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