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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Re: Move next TA conf.call?

Hello all:

I have cross posted this message due to the nature of some of the comments.
Anyone working for Dick Ramaan's team (Coordination),  I invite to pay special
attention to the needs and deliverables requested.  It is now holding up the
Technical Architecture team's progress.

Re:  Meeting moved -> I agree Anders.  Let's move it to Thursday.

I have also assembled a "short list" of issues which our Team must bring up
during this meeting.

These deliverables are needed by the Technical Architecture team NOW and have
been asked previously by our team.  It is technical coordinations responsibility
to accomplish these and I suggest we request these be done by two weeks from

1.  A comparison of the TRP spec with the TechArch Transport section to ensure
compatibility.  This should be done by Technical Coordination.

2.  Ditto for Reg Rep draft

3.  The Glossary of terms has been requested for 4 months now.  Dick Ramaan
promised this during Brussells.   There is a good start in the Tech Arch Spec.

These items need to be started today and completed within two weeks.

Failure to do so will impede our ability to move forward.

Duane Nickull

"agrangard@nycall.com" wrote:

> I  just noticed that the next TechArch conference call is scheduled for
> Wednesday the 19 July, which clashes with the steering committee  one. Would
> it be possible to change it to Thursday, the same time, i.e. 15.00 GMT?
> If you receive no confimation on the changed day (Melanie and GM are
> currently on vacation) we will stick to the 19th, but probably without me.
> Regards
> Anders Grangard
> Edifrance
> Ingénieur - Consultant en Commerce électronique
> Tel: +33 (0)1 42 91 62 24
> http://www.edifrance.org

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