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Subject: Re: Registry of Registries: RE: Comments on ebXML-V_0.7

"Petit, John" wrote:
> Operations aside, the question is whether we should address the registry of
> registries in one of the working groups, and whether Arch should touch upon
> it. As this seems fundamental, I would think the sooner this gets decided
> upon the better.
> Also, back to your original Arch doc excerpt that "a registry must be able
> to conduct indexing of distributed repositories." This is only dealing with
> a single registry for a give set of repositories. The ebXML world will have
> many, many registries and associated repositories. The registry of
> registries allows for search across the entire set of ebXML repositories,
> giving cohesion and unification to the ebXML framework for e-commerce. This
> was not addressed in the Arch doc. Do you think that it should be?

yes - I believe this will be required.  It will greatly aide medium -
large sized companies (ie - one that are unlikely to use an ASP model)
in finding data elements and business processes for use within their

The first thing to do is to define the requirements:

- must have contextual searching capabilities 
- must be able to search on (1) key phrase then qualify against context
- must have web based agents who can crawl and spider content
- must maintain a stateful collection of XML data 
- must be able to harvest data from distributed locations accross the
- must have a machine interface well documented 
- shall have a 'refreshing' mechanism

etc. etc.

We should address this in Tech Arch.

Duane Nickull

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