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Subject: POC liaison report

Hi all - 

Here's a quick update on the POC. The latest draft of the POC spec (v0.85)
is located here:
http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-poc/200008/doc00001.doc. The POC team
will be making a few minor changes to this version and plan to freeze the
document by EOB today

I took part in their conf call this morning and most of the discussion
focused on nailing down the logistics and outstanding work items for the
upcoming demo next week. One of the issues raised during the call was how to
make the test server available to others to conduct remote testing after the
SJ meeting concludes. There was some discussion about approaching OASIS to
host the server, but no immediate action was proposed. That's about it for

Looking forward to meeting y'all next week.


Brian Eisenberg
Standards & Technology Liaison
DataChannel, Inc.

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