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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: No Subject

Posting on behalf of "Prakash Sinha" who gets the post bounced.

Sanjay Patil
Work Phone: 408 350 9619


A few comments regarding the ebXML TA Specifications:

1. The document (version 0.8, 8/21) doesn't have the version information in
the document. Also, the line numbers are missing.
2. Could we include the "unified field theory" as delivered by Karsten R. in
the closing plenary and his overview diagram in section 5.1? 

1. There is no description of how the runtime operation of the ebxml
architecture works (end-to-end). That is, what is the step-by-step scenario
that two trading partners go through to do business on the ebxml

1. How do they exchange trading partner agreement information if they don't
have a TPA in the first place?  
There is a discussion in the TRP and TP lists on this regarding negotiated
and dynamic discovery of TPAs and needs to be captured in the TA
architecture document.

2. How do they agree upon a business process from the registry/repository?
Does this information reside in the TPA and if so, is there a TPA for each
BP? It might be a good idea to clarify this aspect in the TA document and
add TP in the system overview (Page 6)

3. How do they monitor a business process, an instance of which is executing
at another trading partner's site?
    Should inquiring about a business process instance be specific to a BP
or does this apply across
    business processes?

Prakash Sinha
Netfish Technologies

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