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Subject: Re: New Tech Arch Document

Is this an architecture document or yet another requirements

I would suggest a perusal of the miriad "definitions" of the
term. The first two are quite useful.


The Technical Architecture should be descriptive, in a general
sense of the components of the system and their interactions
or interface points.

We already have a Requirements document. What we need (desperately)
is an architecture which describes each of the high-level components,
how each of these components fit/work together to form the whole and 
which describes the principals by which all components will be designed. 
It should NOT get into the nitty gritty details of the design of the
component which by rights should remain the perview of the respective
project teams.

In my mind, this goes too far in prescribing the detailed set of
functionality of the various components (most notably the RegRep)
and does not go far enough in describing how the system's various
components work in concert to deliver the ebXML vision.



Duane Nickull wrote:
> Hello all:
> Here is the latest Tech Arch document.  There is no change log becuase
> the document has been substantially reworked and reordered to the point
> where the change log would be as long as the document itself.
> We need to reach internal consensus on this ASAP.  *PLEASE* read it
> thoroughly before the conference call on the 7th.
> If we can agreee on it then,  we can send it  out to the rest of ebXML
> for general comments.
> Duane Nickull,
> Brian Eisenberg
> Editors
>   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                Name: ebXML_TA_v1.8.6.doc..doc
>    ebXML_TA_v1.8.6.doc..doc    Type: Microsoft Word Document (application/msword)
>                            Encoding: base64

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