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Subject: comments on the latest draft

Hello all, 

Comments on the latest draft. 

In section 6.7(??wrong sec number??), "General ebXML Design 
Requirements", at the first line, we should mention multi-language 
capability of ebXML spec. clearly here, instead of just saying 
about character encoding.  It should be like this: 

      All partipating components in ebXML MUST facilitate 
    multilingual support.  ebXML specification MUST be 
    compliant with Unicode and ISO/IEC 10646 for character 
    set, and UTF-8 or UTF-16 for character encoding.  

(Note: if any other encodings is permitted in addition to UTF8/16, 
careful consideration should be given on whole ebXML spec, 
for instance, charset parameter in messaging layer, way of 
character set negotiation in tpa, etc...) 

Use of language identification in an element in XML instance should 
be recommended explicitly, since it is often useful for processing 
multilingual XML documents.  Some statements like below needs to 
be here: 

    An attribute "xml:lang" MAY be inserted in an element to 
    specify the language in which the content is written, if
    explicit identification is needed.  The value of attribute
    complies with the section "1.12  Language identification"
    in XML 1.0 specification.  

Section 10.4.2 should be removed.  General ebXML Design Req. 
section covers this. 


Keisuke Kibakura,  FUJITSU LIMITED
e-mail: <kibakura@sysrap.cs.fujitsu.co.jp>

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