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Subject: RE: ebXML: TA doc, sect 10, RegRep, redone as more of an Arch doc

Message text written by Jeff Suttor
>>Jeff - your stuff came too far out of left field, Duanes was out of
>right field - we need something in the middle!

I'll read this as a positive expression that we should do something. :)

I am concerned that there might be a perception that all the current
needs is a few minor edits.  I think that we need a deep reworking of the 
document to turn it into a real TA doc.


As the Greeks say this is 'etsee-getsee' in other words I'm half agreeing
half disagreeing.

Alot of this is there - the presentation and style is a lot of the key -
and so
I'm not wanting to turn this on its head - as too much input has been
already from all the groups.

We need to work on those diagrams first - and then associate the
texts - and overall someone has to make a decision on the presentation
style of the document.

Seems like Klaus and his folks may be working on something there for us,
so some of this may to wait and to follow a lead...

We have enough on our plate so we need to prioritize accordingly,
and then respond intelligently - and makes sure that RegRep are
comfortable with their submission and so forth.

Thanks, DW.

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