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Subject: RE: latest Version; Chap16 Revision 2

Message text written by Murray Maloney
Party           Any participant in market(s)
Partner         Parties engaged in formal agreement
Trading Partners        Partners conducting business transactions.


I like this a lot.  I modified the trading partner slightly to remove
the dependence on markets - it should be more open ended
(but business related).

This also makes it clear that in the TA document
we were indeed talking about Trading Partners, but that we failed
to necessarily include Party - any participant in market.  

I would take that as an open item.  The market model is not one
we are specifically addressing in V1.0 of course - since there is
that B2C aspect.  Now I'm taking us down a different path!

The B2B / B2C : - my understanding is that V1.0 will be for B2B, 
but that B2C is NOT excluded in that implementors may choose
to use V1.0 to do B2C - with the caveat that not all their needs
may be explicitly met - but it will still mostly work.

Obviously an online auction model could be one such B2C

So - if we update the Glossary with the definitions above
- then can we get general consensus on this?   We may need
a small paragraph somewhere in the TA Introduction, where 
trading partner is first introduced to discuss the V1.0 focus
being B2B, and how the terms apply.

I recall we had something to this effect - but it may need to be
more explicitly spelled out.

Thanks, DW.

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