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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: RE: latest Version; Chap16 Revision 2

Message text written by "Martin W Sachs/Watson/IBM"
So, you really do believe that you can hide from the lawyers by changing
the terminology.

ebXML is developing mechanisms that enable entities to do electronic
business with each other.  Any entity's lawyer can advise not to engage in
business that way.



Thanks for the beacon of light here.  

Each organization is going to have its own check list and rules.  
We cannot be drawn into those battles, else we will go nowhere.

We have to use well established terminology that reflects as 
accurately as possible the technical architectural aspects 
of the design.

Each individual country will create its own legalize that 
accomplishes the business implementation of that technical

That's the way it already works in Europe right now, and 
what Klaus is no doubt getting a sense on is if a pan-EU 
agreement is possible, as he indicated yesterday.
But these are implementation details that rightly belong in
the work of the TP group - just as each 
of the other groups have implementation focus.


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