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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: FW: Parties and Partners

Message text written by Tony Weida
>I believe that for many people, the term "market" strongly suggests
many-to-many interactions as with Ariba's Marketplace, Commerce One's
MarketSite, etc.  I suspect that those who object to the term wish to avoid
the implication that ebXML is focusing (perhaps exclusively) on such


Exactly - I had no idea this is NOT what they meant!

From Murrays comment on Netmarket - this is now clear.

Conclusion - market - we're simply talking here about
any pairwise commerce activity centered around a
vertical service or product.  I find that confusing.
Market to me implies much more than a simple stall
or stand model, most importantly it implies plural.

Maybe marketactivity is better, since it implies singular,
as in a marketactivity?


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