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Subject: RE: FW: Parties and Partners

At 12:31 PM 10/19/00 -0700, John Yunker wrote:
><Murray Maloney> Can't we allow markets to specify the attributes needed to
>support them?
>That is, do we have to have foreknowledge of the types of markets? </Murray
>Exactly!  My point is that as we embrace new types of markets, they will
>(possibly) require us to add attributes to our information entities so
>transactions can be executed effectively.  We need to be able to formally
>declare "this type of market is being supported by ebXML" to know we have
>the right attributes.

Exactly what? I asked two questions and received an exclamation as reply.
I was expecting an answer. My interface does not support this type mismatch. 

The 'right attributes' are the base set of attributes + any attributes
that that market declares to be required for support within ebXML.
I anticipate markets spontaneously appearing, specifying their 'type'
and asserting their required attributes and interfaces.
>Market: a domain in which business transactions are executed
>NetMarket: a Market where participants execute transactions according to the
>rules of the administrator of that NetMarket
>PartnerMarket: a Market where participants (Partners) execute transactions
>according specific agreements between pairs of partners.

Presumably, transactions are executed by participants in a market.

Please understand that I do not want to prevent or disable 
partner markets. I just want to enable other types as well.

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