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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: RE: Hilarous but sad W3C questions!

Message text written by "Munter, Joel D"

It is elitist comments like yours below that will drive good people and
ideas away from ebXML.  I have heard on separate occasions from separate
sources that ebXML has a "not invented here" attitude.  With your comments
below, I hear that echoing loudly.  Please refrain from negative comments
like that. <



You are reading totally the wrong read into this - because you want to 
see that based on your assertions that we're getting a bad rap and
I'm the cause!

My whole point is that we have seen a total LACK of coordination here.

I've been hearing lip service paid to 'yes - the W3C is working with us,
blah, blah'.   I'm entitled to feel that the real work in this area has 
been through individuals on the ebXML working groups who also
happen to be on the W3C WG's.   

The W3C has been steadfastly ignoring these tough questions 
for many months, because that way they don't exist.  Now what
are they going to do?  Will they provide FAQ's on the intended
scope of Schema and what you should and should not be
doing with it?  The PR machine is touting schema as a 
panacea for all information exchanges.  Nobody wants to
hear the reality check.

Yes it is damned sad that we have to be treated this way and
that the techies have to find ways around the politics and the

Frankly you're shooting the messenger here.


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