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Subject: RE: Comments on TA version 0.9

I am absolutely appalled by some of these comments, simply as pathetic and
inexperienced to the problems we have faced implementing EDI.  Sheep
entrails??  Are we stooping to a new low?  WAKE UP!!!

The counterproposal appears to force the sme to deal with a proliferation of
message sequences, and random combinations of data elements at whim...worse
than we had with EDI implementation guides.  Human readable naming is NOT
going to solve that problem.

I do not believe that these comments should be added to QRT/TA meeting. as I
stated before, this does not look to be a productive and neutral biased
approach to resolving these issues.

Lets move on...and get back to solving the real problems.


-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Suttor
To: ebxml-architecture@lists.ebxml.org
Sent: 11/2/00 1:35 PM
Subject: Re: Comments on TA version 0.9

>The TA spec v0.9 has been *officially* released to the ebXML community
>the first comments and review period. Details here:
>http://www.ebxml.org/specdrafts/specindex4.htm. I will collect all
>posted to the list for review during the Tokyo meeting. 

attached are comments for review.
I propose that we go over these on Tue with the QR representatives.
I think they are closely aligned with what they are saying.


Jeff.Suttor@Sun.com      http://sun.com/xml
XML Technology Center    http://web.eng/xml

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