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Subject: RE: Comments on TA version 0.9

Message text written by "Nieman, Scott"
PERHAPS this is the architecture?

Why?  because of the REAL problems!!



I was also dismayed that there was moves again to
push the 'lets gut the architecture doc' like we did 

Sure - go ahead - making a meanless nebulous fluffy
cloud document.

Then when you are done go and read JP's assessment
of ebXML in the Nov' XML Journal article to see how the
world is viewing us.

Let's get details, lets get deliverables, and lets get this
done.  We have all this ready to start punching out 
real specification details between now and Vancouver.
Instead we still seem bent on procrastination.

Enough already; I'm in Tokyo to make real progress
people - I hope everyone else is with the program.

Thanks, DW.

ps: This Meridien Hotel is fabulous here!

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