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Subject: RE: a new UID discussion

Message text written by "hha@mosaic-ag.com"
>Hi Scott,

the idea is not to store 10000 similar tag names, the idea is to 
store just ONE meaning
of e.g. "family name" and address this meaning to a UID 4711.


There's nothing new here.  This is what we've been saying to do
for the past 12 months.   Both XML/edi and eCo Registry is founded 
on this principle too.

The only thing new is the use of UID 4711 as the'Bizcode' connector

I've not been able to locate a URL for the 4711 specifications - that
we should review and have available to ensure it meets the 
business need.   The encoding scheme on the UID should be 
flexible enough to cover the legacy EDI bases, as well as
future needs.


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