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Subject: RE: TA SPEC VOTE by email

I submit my "approval" vote.
Bob Cunningham
Military Traffic Management Command
Falls Church, VA. 

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From: Brian Eisenberg [mailto:BrianE@DataChannel.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2000 12:11 PM
To: 'ebXML-Architecture List '
Cc: 'duane '; ': Klaus-Dieter Naujok '
Subject: RE: TA SPEC VOTE by email
Importance: High

I second Duane's motion to freeze the current spec (0.95) and call on the
rest of the TA team to vote by email to APPROVE the Technical Architecture
specification to the Quality Review team. Pending QRT approval, we shall
release the document to the rest of the ebXML community for a second
comments and review period, leading up to a plenary vote on the FINAL
document in Vancouver.

TEAM - please send your vote (no later than Jan 4) with either "APPROVE TA
SPEC" or "NOT APPROVE TA SPEC" to the Technical Architecture discussion

I will count the votes (not Florida style :-) ) and post the final numbers
to the list on Jan 4. Pending the outcome of the vote, I will then call on
Anders/Duane to formally submit the document to the QRT on Jan 4. 



-----Original Message----- 
From: duane 
To: Brian Eisenberg 
Cc: 'agrangard@nycall.com'; Raman, Dick; tmcgrath@tedis.com.au;
ebXML-Architecture List 
Sent: 12/27/2000 8:21 AM 
Subject: TA SPEC VOTE by email 


I may be out of contact for 5 days (Swiss Alps) so I wanted to vote by 
proxy.  I vote that we send the current frozen spec to the QRT and then 
for its' second review cycle ASAP.  Moderate changes accepted. 

Brian/Anders - can you guys please coordinate the TA PT vote then get it 
out ASAP. 


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