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ebxml-awareness message

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Having followed the ebXML discussions for a while , I agree with Michael
that a fast track approach has to be adopted to come up with an immediate
ebXML solution for some selected domains as Microsoft has done with

I am working on a lightweight B2C & B2B site and I find ebXML inadequate
for a developer who needs to 'get-on with it' quickly.

Though, there's a lot that has to be done before an implementable model and
schema could be arrived, an immediate working model would help ebXML catch
on with SMEs.

If anything like BizTalk could be provided by ebXML, even if it's going to
be a very rudimentary one, it'll help a lot of developers who are now
groping with B2B issues.

Or , is it too early to articulate these issues ?

Selva. (91-80-2244056 extn 309.)
IBM India, The Presidency,
No. 1, St Mark's Road,
Bangalore - 560017. India.

"Dream. Dare."

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