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Subject: RE: Final Press Release of Orlando Meeting


At this point I would suggest that the Awareness team defer to yours and the
ExC's editorial decisions. Thus, I recommend that Carol make appropriate
revisions (unless there is not consensus among the ExC) and release the


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Subject: Re: Final Press Release of Orlando Meeting


- I think the "Create a Single Global XML Framework
  Solution" is just awkward. I know that this has been
  debated, but something like "Create a Single Global
  XML Business Framework" is better.
- I would change "listserv discussions" to be "email
  mailing list discussions".
- I would move the Webber quote to be the paragraph
  before the last ("The next meeting ...").

The date on the top should probably be changed or omitted.


Bob Sutor
Program Director, XML Technology
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Cellular 716-317-6899 / Pager 1-800-946-4645 PIN # 1473757

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