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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: Marketing Team Action Item

Title: RFA Custom
Among the several action items on our team's task plan from the Orlando meeting are the following:
  • Develop “talking points” document (for internal ExC use)
  • Develop 1-page “What is ebXML?” Fact Sheet
  • Create FAQ’s
  • Develop standard ebXML speaker presentation(s)
During the Orlando meeting we developed a comprehensive questionnaire, initially to use with the ebXML Executive Committee, to begin collecting the source content for these various items. William Kammerer volunteered to take the lead in developing draft FAQ's, Aleli Alcala took the lead on the What is ebXML Fact Sheet and the talking points document, and Mike Weiner is heading up the standard presentation content development.
In order to provide as much input as possible into the content for these documents I think it would be useful if we could all take a stab at answering the questions we posed to the ebXML Executive Committee. Those questions are inserted below.
Please insert your answer and return the message to me. We can then aggregate and combine your ideas into a single document that each of these work groups can use to complete their work items.

General/Background Questions

  1. What is ebXML?
    1. Is it intended to be a formal standard (submitted to a standards body)?
    2. What is the business need for creating ebXML?
    3. Why have XML as a basis?
    4. Will ebXML be just business-to-business or include business-to-consumer?
    5. How are we addressing the needs of the small-medium size enterprises?
  2. What is the motivation for forming ebXML?
    1. Why are the UN and OASIS working together to drive ebXML?
  3. Which organizations/initiatives are going to participate or follow the ebXML technical specifications?
    1. What is the relationship between ebXML and other XML initiatives?
    2. What is the relationship between ebXML and W3C?
  4. How will ebXML be financed? 
    1. Will there be royalties from the use of the technical specifications?
  5. What will be the main deliverables and milestones? 


Business Value Proposition Questions

 What is the value to my business by using ebXML?

    1. How will ebXML reduce my costs?
    2. How will my competitive advantage be enhanced?
    3. How will this affect my relationships with my trading partners and customers?
    4. How will ebXML extend electronic business to new and existing trading partners?
  1. When can I get started using ebXML?
  2. How will ebXML affect my industry? 
  3. How does ebXML impact my current EDI investment?
  4. Do I have to use EDI to use ebXML?
  5. How will ebXML help me get started in electronic business?


Technical Value Proposition Questions

  1. How will ebXML facilitate convergence of the different XML based implementation frameworks?
  2. How does ebXML affect my existing IT infrastructure?
  3. Is ebXML restricted to the Internet?
  4. How will ebXML support international electronic business?
  5. Is this an open extensible framework?
  6. What development environments does ebXML support?


Closing Questions

  1. Why should my organization participate?
  2. How can we join ebXML?
  3. Why is it important that this initiative succeeds?


Rachel Foerster
Rachel Foerster & Associates
Professionals in EDI & Electronic Commerce
39432 North Avenue
Beach Park, IL 60099-3602
Voice: 847-872-8070
Fax: 847-872-6860


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