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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: FW: Corrected Brussels Agenda & MAE PT Status

Title: 3nd ebXML Meeting Agenda
Please note our team's time slot on the opening plenary on 8 May. What are your recommendations for our team's status report of accomplishments, etc. since the Orlando meeting?
We had several items on our work plan:
1. Develop FAQ's for posting to the ebXML web site, etc.
2. Redesign the ebXML web site and assume management of it (This is done....good job Brent Phillips and team!)
3. Develop a standard ebXML presentation...(still a work in progress....I created one and used it today at the 13th annual DISA EC conference in Boston....it will be posted to the ebXML web site for downloading shortly. This could be the foundation)
4. Talking points document for ebXML
5. ebXML speaker bureau
6. A one-page "What is ebXML"
Please forward to me quickly input on the status of these and other action items we put on our to-do list at the Orlando meeting. I'll assemble into our team's status report for the 8 May plenary.
Brent, would you forward to me the ebXML web site pages .... I'll use them to show the plenary what the new site looks like.
Rachel Foerster
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From: ebxml-stc@sfo.harbinger.com [mailto:ebxml-stc@sfo.harbinger.com]On Behalf Of Klaus-Dieter Naujok
Sent: Monday, April 24, 2000 6:26 PM
To: ebXML-StC
Cc: Laura_Walker
Subject: Corrected Brussels Agenda

3nd ebXML Meeting Agenda

08-12 May 2000, Brussels, Belgium

ebXML Chair

Table of Contents

Monday, 08 May

Tuesday - Thursday, 09-11 May

Friday, 12 May

Seems I misspelled the host country :-(

Here is the corrected version.


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