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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: Notes from San Jose session on Message development

From: Simon Nicholson <simonn@eng.sun.com>

During our last Marketing and Awareness session in San Jose we started the
process of developing the messages for this next phase of ebXML until
Tokyo. Alan Kotok captured the fruits of our session, which I am now
forwarding.  Our next conference call is scheduled for next week, and I
propose that we attempt to progress this work further then.

Mike Weiner will be sending out details of the conference call. Please
review the following lists from below:

Business - retained
Technical - retained
We are looking for common threads out with the intent of developing no more
than 4 discussion points- that is 4 for business and 4 for techincal.  The
lists titled "business - supporting info" and "technical - supporting info"
contain some facts and general statements that we can use to back up the
discussion points.


|>Business - retained:
|>Facilitates global trade
|>All industries (cross industry) reached by one framework
|>Internet based
|>No expensive technology, uses cheap XML
|>Will propel the next great wave of productivity (electronic economy)
|>Enables real time settlement/trading
|>Eliminates cash flow latency (get paid quicker)
|>Enables electronic markets
|>Reaches smaller businesses and those in developing countries
|>Adopted by wide number of vendors
|>Business agility
|>Technical - retained:
|>Pool of available skilled resources
|>Leverage existing infrastructure
|>Cheap tools
|>Standards-based, public
|>Enables convergence of disparate frameworks
|>No limitations
|>Vendor adoption, COTS
|>Preserve EDI investment
|>Business - supporting info:
|>Addresses 99.9 pct of businesses
|>Average company size of four employees
|>1,000 participants in the process
|>Vendor neutral
|>Language neutral
|>Technical - supporting info:
|>35 years of e-business experience
|>Extend and embrace vs. rip and replace
|>Language neutral
|>Any transport
|>Payload neutral
|>Developed by vendors, users, consortia
|Simon Nicholson
|Snr. Market Strategist
|XML Technology Centre
|Sun Microsystems, Inc.
|Tel:    +1 (650) 786 4238
|Fax:    +1 (650) 786 5723
|Email: simonn@eng.sun.com

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