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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: Speaking opportunity, 12 September

TO:  ebXML MAE Team

A gentleman of Citicorp asked if I could recommend a speaker on XML and 
Frameworks for conference on e-payments taking place in New York at 
CitiGroup Headquarters on 12 September.  He was particularly interested in 
hearing about ebXML.  Is there someone on our team who would like to speak 
about XML and ebXML before a group of business and technical people from 
the financial world?  Or can you recommend someone who could do it?  My 
knowledge of financial matters is meager -- and I have the numbers to prove it.

The agenda for the meeting is attached.  The actual session takes place at 
10:10 am on 12 September,  The good news is that it comes early in the 
program.  The other news is that the session runs all of 20 minutes.

Thanks for your consideration.  Best regards.

Alan Kotok
Director, Education and Information Resources
Data Interchange Standards Association
+1 703-518-4174


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