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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: RE: ebXML Marketing/Awareness Group meeting minutes - 8/22/00


Below are the minutes from the Marketing team conference call this week.


|-----Original Message-----
|From: Simon Nicholson [mailto:simonn@eng.sun.com]
|Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2000 8:14 AM
|To: rachelf@ix.netcom.com
|Subject: Fwd: ebXML Marketing/Awareness Group meeting minutes - 8/22/00
|Could I ask the favour again and could you send out the 
|minuted from our 
|call yesterday (below).  I plan to investigate why I cannot post and 
|probably will end up rejoining the list.
|>Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 05:55:10 -0700
|>To: ebxml-awareness@lists.ebxml.org
|>From: Simon Nicholson <simonn@eng.sun.com>
|>Subject: ebXML Marketing/Awareness Group meeting minutes - 8/22/00
|>Rachel Foerster, William Kammerer, Ed Julson, Micheal Weiner, 
|Alex, Carol 
|>Guyer, Norbert Mikula, Simon Nicholson, Alan Kotok
|>It was agreed that Norbert Mikula serve as co-lead of the 
|>Marketing/Awareness group
|>It was agreed that Carol should start work to draft a press release 
|>announcing the Trading Partner group.
|>Web Site:
|>Alan plans to start work on generation of the Press Kit 
|within the next week.
|>TRP Demo/Tutorial:
|>Alex has received the ppt from Nick Kassem, and plans to 
|convert it into 
|>Flash.  Once completed he will forward to Norbert for posting to the 
|>internal site for group review.
|>Bob Glushko (CommerceOne) is due to address the Utilities 
|Industry Group 
|>on Wednesday 8/30 on ebXML.
|>Alan has posted a request for a speaker at the Financial Group in 
|>NYC.  David Burdett has been accepted and will deliver the 
|talk on 9/12.
|>Simon to meet with representation from e-gov group on 8/23.
|>Ed has converted the ppt files received into pdf and the 
|resulting files 
|>are larger.  The group decided that we should post the .ppt version.
|>Ed has made initial contact with a couple of technical 
|writers to start 
|>the process of generation of the white papers.
|>ACTION - Ed to follow up with Klaus re the white paper on 
|ebXML he has 
|>committed to generate.
|>William volunteered to help Klaus.
|>William has received feedback from the Quality Group, will make the 
|>corrections and repost back the Marketing and Quality groups.
|>Media Tour:
|>Carol has requested dates of travel from the Exec Committee.  
|To date only 
|>Klaus has responded.
|>ACTION - Carol to resend request to Exec Comm.
|>ACTION - Carol to contact PR reps where resource has been 
|volunteered (to 
|>date IBM and Sun).
|>ACTION - Carol to contact Ray Walker for UN PR contact
|>Trade Shows:
|>Mike has prepared a file, ready to go to a printer, for the 
|generation of 
|>the "participant" stand-up cards.  It was agreed that the tag 
|line be "We 
|>Carol to working to get the logo in a high-res format from 
|Brent, which 
|>can then be made available to ebXML participants for use on web sites.
|>Alan is working with the DISA Conference Advisory Committee 
|to secure a 
|>presentation slot for ebXML.
|>All feedback regarding the development of ebXML Messages 
|should be passed 
|>to Ed.
|>William to contact Kevin Benedict at Netfish to follow up on his 
|>commitment to develop a plan for marketing the POC work.
|>Next Meeting - 8/29/00 - 11am PST
|Simon Nicholson
|Snr. Market Strategist
|XML Technology Centre
|Sun Microsystems, Inc.
|Tel:    +1 (650) 786 4238
|Fax:    +1 (650) 786 5723
|Email: simonn@eng.sun.com

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