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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: Liaison between ebXML Quality and Awareness

I attended the ebXML Awareness team meeting today.
I assume that Simon will post minutes. The following
is my attempt to capture only those items that are
especially relevant to my liaison role between groups.

1) I explained the process that QR has agreed to use
   with respect to its deliverables. Everyone seemed
   to be happy with the flexibility and cooperation
   that QR is adopting in its dealings with Awareness.

2) I requested dates for upcoming deliverables. These will
   include a white paper, the QTO and press releases.

3) I observed that it would be a good idea for there
   to be official liason between Awareness and the
   technical teams. Ideally, these individuals would
   be at least minimally aware of ebXML marketing goals 
   and be able to ensure that technical reviews are 
   completed in a timely fashion. Simon also asked for
   the QR team to help identify individuals who could
   serve most effectively in this role.

4) The team is looking for resources to help produce the
   requested website policies and procedures. Simon will
   put a request before the Steering Committee. 

5) A media tour has been pulled together in a hurry. This was 
   not submitted nor reviewed by the QR team. I noted that
   the QR team would probably issue a statement noting that
   this was not the right way to do things. All agreed.

6) Meeting adjourned until next week.



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