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Subject: Re: Medical Design Online, feature on ebXML

Referring to the article of Rachel, let me remind that there are already some
ongoing initiatives at multi-regional level (involving US, EU and Japan) dealing
with standardisation on pharmaceutical regulatory business (mainly
pharmacovigilance and electronic submission). The ICH (International Conference
on Harmonisation) is the responsible committee for these standardisation
On the pharmacovigilance side, pilots have already started in US and EU dealing
with SGML/XML message based systems.

Nevertheless I agree with Rachel when she states that this sector lacks of



Rachel Foerster wrote:

> Alan,
> The sector of the health care industry that this article and this site
> targets is the medical products supply chain....not patient administration.
> Thus the HIPAA regulations do not apply to supply chain message exchanges.
> Rachel
> -----Original Message-----
> From: AlanKotok@cs.com [mailto:AlanKotok@cs.com]
> Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2000 7:13 PM
> To: ebxml-awareness@lists.ebxml.org
> Subject: Medical Design Online, feature on ebXML
> TO:  MAE team
> Rachel Foerster is featured in Medical Design Online, a VerticalNet site,
> talking about ebXML and the health care industry's noticable lack of
> participation.  See
> http://www.medicaldesignonline.com/content/hubs/dir.asp?hub=news .
> One possible reason for the health care world's lack of participation is the
> legal requirement for health care providers and payers to comply with
> administrative simplification provisions of the Health Insurance Portability
> and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. HIPAA's guidelines call for
> implementing X12 transaction sets by 2002 for larger companies and 2003 for
> the little guys.  While ebXML might be the right thing to do, HIPAA is the
> law.
> Just my two Yen from someone who has hung around too many HIPAA meetings.  I
> hope everyone survived Tokyo.  Welcome back; best regards.
> Alan Kotok
> AlanKotok@cs.com
> http://myfreeoffice.com/techjournalist/
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