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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: RE: Help unsubscribing


You should have received a message like the one below, instructing you to
reply with the information
starting with the words "confirm d1234567"
Just email this back and it should produce the results you want.

confirm d1234567 unsubscribe ebxml-ccbp-domain

A request to unsubscribe:   Reichardt_Philip@euroclear.com
from the elist:            ebxml-ccbp-domain@lists.ebxml.org
has been received from:    a web form

If you did not authorize this request please contact:


immediately for assistance.

If you approve of this request you must send the confirm line shown
above to:  ebxml-ccbp-domain-request@lists.ebxml.org

Depending on your email user agent you may be able to do this by
replying to this message.  Please do not alter the confirm line in any
way; it must appear EXACTLY as it is shown above.

The confirm line may be split across multiple lines by ending the line
to be continued with a backslash ("\"), e.g.,

    confirm \
    d5e6f1d2 \
    unsubscribe \
    ebxml-ccbp-domain \

If you have any problems you may send a message to:


and ask for additional assistance.

-----Original Message-----
From: Reichardt_Philip@euroclear.com
Sent: Monday, January 15, 2001 3:41 AM
To: Karl Best
Cc: ebxml-awareness@lists.ebxml.org; 'Ed Julson'; Steve Livingston;
Subject: RE: Help unsubscribing

me too - I cannot get deregistered
sorry to inlict this on you but can anyone help please?
This e-mail message, including any attachments transmitted with it, is
CONFIDENTIAL and may contain legally privileged information. This message
is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is
addressed. If you are not the intended recipient you should not read, copy,
distribute, disclose or otherwise use this information. If you have
received this message in error,  please notify us immediately and delete it
from your system. The integrity and security of this message cannot be
guaranteed and it may be subject to data corruption, interception and
unauthorised amendment, for which we accept no liability.

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