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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: ebXML on the XML.Gov portal

TO: MAE team

The XML working group under the Federal Interagency CIO Council unveiled 
its portal/Web site yesterday.  On its standards page it has one and only 
one listing under e-commerce specifications and that's ebXML.  See 
http://xml.gov/standards.cfm?accessible=n .  Congrats to Simon for a 
stellar presentation a few months back that obviously made an impact.

Its agenda page ( http://xml.gov/agendas.cfm ) lists an update on ebXML as 
a future meeting topic.  I offered to provide either the presentation or 
find a speaker.

Hope everyone is enjoying Vancouver. Best regards.

Alan Kotok
Director, Education and Information Resources
Data Interchange Standards Association
+1 703-518-4174
** DISA's E-Business and Internet Conference, 7-9 March 2001, in San Francisco.
http://www.disa.org/conference/annual_conf/index.htm **

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