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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: POC agenda 2-22-01

All of the that have participated in Tokyo will be getting a mention in both
event - after all, they helped create this.

Also, We need to have your respective marketing folks within your
organization get in-touch the ebxml marketing group (I have a list of people
from Tokyo to whom I am sending this, but the majority of recent LONDON -
NEW YORK POC members need to do this ASAP).
Don't forget to give them the CD, DVDs (The marketing team worked very hard
- and at great expense to produce these).

The sign-up for London or New York is now closed.

Brief discussion of POC activities:

Issues for London - New York: 

Krishna: Can sun, Cisco or Sterling provide the code that  donated for
merging the TPAs?

Philippe:  Can you provide the dtds that were used in Tokyo?

I know some of you have questions about the ability to do TRP.  Others have
offered to provide that.  
Please provide me with the following only:

	if {You can't do TRP
	    Let me know
	}else { Are willing to provide TRP for someone
		if {any restrictions - or potential partnership conflict}
			include that info as well

		Let me know

Steve / Ed from marketing:  

1)  "Do ebXML Demo participants have a demo space for showing something
later? Or just demonstration only in the key note speech?" (Iwasa)

2)  A more detail explanation of the New York Event

Issues with the new specs: 
Jacques:  Feedback from trp on baseline functionality + SOAP enveloping:
How does it look?  


JP/ Michael:  Is there a reg/rep spec coming soon?


Dale:  A default bootstrap?


Hatem / Maryann:  Have you heard more about a base-line security feature?  


We will not focus on Vienna.  We will continue to work on the proposal.  But
I would like the focus of the group for now to be either the Specs or the
London New York events.  

Voting on the Nominees for co-chair:

Philippe Desmedt 	Viquity
Bill Cox 		BEA 

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